101 Facebook Tips


Facebook is a great platform for meeting friends, creating a following for your hobby, service, or project,or every taste, and several of them are incredibly fun and addictive. These 101 tips will get you navigating Facebook like a pro in no time. Part 1 –finding friends and influencing people

Depending on why you join Facebook, you may find it easy to make friends, or may only have it to stay in touch with friends in distant parts of the world. No matter what you do, signing up can be a process that will take up to a couple of hours (including your profile).

1. Signing up
2. Your email
3. Read the terms and conditions
4. Search your email
5. Profile information – school, university, company
6. Profile information – picture
7. Profile information – basic information
8. Profile information – is Facebook a dating site?
9. Profile information – personal information
10.Contact information
11. Profile information – Network
12.Profile information – friends
13. Profile information – relationships
14. Fill as much of it in as possible
15. Security from the outset
16. Finding friends, colleagues and ‘fan’ pages
17. Searches
18. Adding people via friends
19.More than one profile?
20.Fan pages too much for you?
21.Removing friends, or pages
22. Using friends lists to organize your reading
23. Been Blocked?
24. Got badge?
25. Looking for more?
26. Security and privacy
27. Use fine grained controls
28.The tightest locks
29. Know your settings!
30. Your name, date of birth, address and other information
31. Privacy – profile information
32. Being harassed by a colleague that you just don’t want to add?
33.Apps getting you down?
34. Don’t let Google see you
35. Hacked?
36. Photos and videos – don’t appear where you don’t want to
Part 2 – Access, API and apps offsite
37. The best phone app?
38. Tweetdeck?
39. Automatic posting?
40. Facebook connect
41. Lifestreaming
42. Posting updates
43. Auto subscribing
44. The notification bar
45. Your newsfeed
46. Not interested in a friend’s updates right now?
47. Walls
48. Boxes and tabs
49. A box on your profile
50. Left hand side – your profile
51. Messages – your messages are your internal email inbox.
52. Events
53. Removing events you can’t attend
54. Photos and videos
55. Applications
56. Games
57. Ads and pages
58. Groups
59. Notes
60. Links
61. Right hand side
62. Gifts and application notices
63. Application notices out of control
64. Suggestions
65. Poking
66. Events
67. Ads
Part 3 – Clicking on a friend’s profile
When you view a friend’s profile can do to interact with them, or see what have missed.
68.  Under the picture
69. Commenting on their wall
70. Adding apps or boxes your friend has
71. Commenting
72. Tagging
Part 5 – Your own page, or groups

In addition to having your own profile, Facebook allows you to keep
basic groups and pages, for fan purposes, or you can set up a group to talk about your passions, your interests or both. You can also join others –some places suggest there is a limit to the amount of pages and groups you can add.
73. Group or page?
74. Pages and apps
75. Groups
76. Running both
77. Causes
78. Ads
Part 4 – The best ways to play
There are a myriad of apps on Facebook that make it, not just a social networking site, but a hub where you can share games with your friends and family. Everything from Farmville to Bejeweled currently runs on Facebook’s –appherearesystemafewtipsto jumpstart your play in some of the most popular games.
79. Farmville
80. Crops
81. Harvesting
82. Vehicles and storage
83. Fuel
84. Is Farmville cash worth it?
85. Collectables, and projects
86. iPhone app
87. Sign up for the competition
88.  Two different styles of game
89. Bejeweled posts
90. Mafia Wars/Vampire Wars
91. Finish jobs even if you’re leveled up
92. Adding friends
93. Gifts
94. Posting your achievements
95. Removing games
Part 5 – An app for all seasons
Apps aren’tustgames–there’sj a tonne of fu in some great apps that you can use to add functionality to your new social media hub. We’ve feature
96. Networked blogs lets you share your blog
97. Network blogs also allows you to follow other blogs
98. Networked Blogs or importing notes?
99. Integrating other networks
100. Horoscopes and more
101. Developing your own

Facebook has a powerful API that allows you to develop just about anything based on a framework –so developing something that you think other people might like to play is easy.